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ZeusHash LTC Cloud Node Contract Payout - TOTAL ROI 5.04% After 7 Days!


ZeusHash LTC Cloud Node Contract Payout

ZeusHash LTC Cloud Node Contract Paayout resulted in a TOTAL of 0.21550901 LTC over the last 7 days of cloud mining.  We spent 4.27540107 LTC to purchase a 1MH/s LTC contract to give ZeusHash a trial run.  So far, our return on investment is at 5.04% after 7 days.

Everything is working fine so far at ZeusHash and we're always impressed with the ease-of-use of the members' page.

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In particular, we like their hourly update on mining status, which gets updated every 20-40 minutes.  This is a helpful feature that provides a decent degree of transparency, and a feature that other cloud mining companies lack at this point (many offer daily mining results or weekly mining results only).

ZeusHash LTC Cloud Node Contract Payout

We hope ZeusHash continues to provide features that could lead to greater user satisfaction that other cloud mining companies have not yet implemented, as it stimulates more competition in the industry.

We would like to see more companies enter the cloud mining space, and hope that companies continue to compete and innovate so that users will benefit from having the choice to choose between cloud mining companies (now there are only a few companies to choose from), and diversify their mining contracts.

In our opinion, it would be great if the cloud mining industry would turn in to something like the web hosting industry where there are many good vendors to choose from, and the service levels are always getting better.


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