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ZeusHash LTC Payout - Nov. 7th 0.20% ROI - TOTAL ROI 15.56% After 30 Days!

ZeusHash LTC Payout

ZeusHash LTC payout on Nov. 7th, 2014 was 0.00853372 LTC

We purchase our trial 1 MH/s contract for 4.27540107 LTC, so this is a daily ROI of 0.20%.  Daily ROI has plummeted since maintenance fees were changed, and has remained low.

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ZeusHash LTC PayoutOur TOTAL earnings are at 0.66506552 LTC, after maintenance fees.  This is a TOTAL ROI of 15.56% after 30 days of cloud mining with them.

At this rate, without taking into difficulty changes it is going to take about 6.4 months to reach 100% ROI.

Considering that Litecoin mining difficulty is at 40,682 today but was below 10,000 6 months ago in May 2014, 1/4 of what it is today, if difficulty continues to rise in the future has it has in the past, the likelihood of seeing 100% ROI with the current maintenance fees in place is LOW.

We liked ZeusHash in the beginning when daily ROI was around 0.60%, but with the new maintenance fees in place, it is not as attractive as it used to be.

If you purchase ZeusHash LTC contracts today, 1MH/s would cost you 4.44889612 LTC due to weaker LTC price, which is more than our purchase price of 4.27540107 LTC, so your daily ROI for Nov. 7th would be worse than our daily ROI of 0.20%.


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