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ZeusHash Maintenance Fee Now Matches Mining Income!Effectively ZERO Payouts for Scrypt Mining Contracts Sold for $15.99/MH/s!

ZeusHash Maintenance Fee Now Matches Mining Income

ZeusHash maintenance fee now matches mining income, effectively leading to ZERO payouts for a while.  This trend started on December 18th, 2014.

ZeusHash Maintenance FeeIt has been continuing ever since, with no sign of any improvement.

ZeusHash Maintenance Fee

ZeusHash Mining Income May Be Fixed at 0.85178144 LTC, 19.92% ROI

Our ZeusHash total mining income is 0.85178144 LTC.  Based on our purchase price of 4.27540107 LTC for 1 MH/s, our total ROI is 19.92%.  This is a result of 86 days of cloud mining.

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This balance is likely to stay as is, since we see no sign of mining income improving or maintenance fees dropping significantly.

ZeusHash Maintenance Fee

ZeusHash Trial Run for 1 MH/s at $15.99 was Disappointing...

We did not expect to reach ZERO daily payouts so soon (in less than 3 months of cloud mining).  We lost 80% of our Litecoins invested in our trial mining contract at ZeusHash.

The result is very disappointing, to say the least.

We purchased our trial contract for $15.99/MH/s.

Today,  1 MH/s still costs $15.99/MH/s at ZeusHash, but it would not be a wise choice to make this purchase, when payouts are effectively ZERO right now.

Even for larger scrypt mining contracts where volume discounts apply, such as 1 GH/s for $10.99, which is the best price ZeusHash is offering, we don't see much potential for reaching 100% ROI.

At this point in time, we will not be expanding our scrypt mining contracts with ZeusHash.


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