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ZeusHash Maintenance Fees Increases by x 94! Daily ROI Drops to 0.28%!


ZeusHash Maintenance Fees

ZeusHash made a shocking announcement on Oct. 29th, 2014 that the maintenance fees they have been charging up to this point have been too low, due to a 'small bug' in their system.

Starting Oct. 29th, 2014, they will start charging the fee $0.059/MH/s as stated in their FAQ page.

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Our daily earnings on Oct. 29th, 2014 was 0.01215847 LTC.

Based on our purchase price of 4.27540107 LTC for 1 MH/s of hash power, our daily ROI for Oct. 29th was 0.28%.

This is a BIG drop from our daily ROI trend at ZeusHash which has been around 0.63% - 0.65% for a long time.

Our TOTAL earnings so far are at 0.58604529 LTC, which is a TOTAL ROI of 13.71% after 21 days of cloud mining with ZeusHash.

ZeusHash Maintenance Fees

We checked our maintenance charges and verified that they had been around 0.00017 LTC per day for our 1MH/s contract.

At 1LTC=$3.72, past maintenance fees were only $0.00063.  The new maintenance fees at $0.059/MH/s will be approximately 94 times increase in fees deducted (note: originally, we mistakenly thought that the increase in fees was 10 times, which still seemed too large, but we found out that the true multiple in fees was actually 94 times!  Revised on 10/30/2014).

ZeusHash Maintenance Fees

This change will surely have a big effect on bringing down ZeusHash's ROI.

ZeusHash was the second best scrypt cloud mining company in terms of ROI, but, this is about to change...


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