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ZeusHash to Offer FREE Gift Bags with 0.5GH/s to 100GH/s of FREE Hash Power!New Users Only!


ZeusHash has just announced giving out FREE Gift Bags to new users!

Gift Bags contain 0.5GH/s to 100GH/s of mining power that hashes for 3 months to 1 year.  This offer is ONLY for new users who register between Oct. 16-20th, 2014.

To apply, just go to ZeusHash's website and click on the 'ZeusHash Gift Bags' image on the right hand side of the corporate page.

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ZeusHash Gift Bags

After you click on 'LEARN MORE', a pop up explaining the ZeusHash Gift Bags will appear.  Click on 'Click for Gift', and you'll get a new screen indicating the amount of FREE hashrate you are entitled to.

ZeusHash Gift Bags

 In our test case, we were given 1.09 GH/s (we're already registered, so we won't be actually receiving 1.09GH/s, unfortunately.)

ZeusHash Gift Bags

Considering the fact that ZeusHash sells 1GH/s for $0.889, it's less than $1's worth of hash power was given for FREE.

It's not a large amount, but enough to test ZeusHash's platform, and its' a nice incentive for new users to sign up with ZeusHash, especially with the possibility that they may actually open Gift Boxes containing 100GH/s ($88.90 worth of hashing power with ZeusHash's price list today)!

Make sure to apply TODAY, if possible, because the FREE Hashrate duration depends on when you receive the Gift Box!

Oct. 16th (Today) : Receive FREE Hashrate for 1 full year

Oct. 17th-18th : Receive FREE Hashrate for 6 months

Oct. 19th-20th : Receive FREE Hashrate for 3 months

As you can see, the faster you register, the longer the FREE hash power you would be entitled to!

ZeusHash Gift Bags

If you have friends or people interested in ZeusHash, make sure to have them receive the FREE Gift Box and ideally register today or at least before Oct. 20th!


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