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ZeusHash Payout Drop!Daily ROI Down from 0.63% to 0.23% on Oct. 30th With New Maintenance Fees!


ZeusHash Payout Drop

ZeusHash cloud mining earnings for Oct. 30th, 2014 was 0.00981712 LTC.  This is a daily ROI of 0.23% on our investment of 4.27540107 LTC for 1MH/s of hash power.

ROI at ZeusHash was hovering between 0.63% - 0.65% since our purchase, and ZeusHash was the second best performing scrypt cloud mining company in our portfolio terms of daily actual payout ROI.

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But, yesterday, ZeusHash made an announcement that due to a 'small bug' in their system, maintenance fees were not properly calculated and that true maintenance fees would be charged from then on.

The error in calculation turned out to be large, and instead of 0.00017 LTC per day in maintenance fees, now 0.015 LTC per day is being deducted from our accounts.

This is an increase of approximately 88 times!

Of course, technically ZeusHash is only charging what they wrote they would charge on the FAQ page - $0.059/MH/s for scrypt cloud mining - but yesterday's news must have come across as a big shock for many ZeusHash users who believed that the numbers they are seeing in their internal screens were true, including ourselves.

ZeusHash Payout Drop

TOTAL earnings at ZeusHash is at 0.59586241 LTC, which is 13.94% in TOTAL ROI after 22 days.

However, with a new daily ROI of 0.23% from here onwards, it looks like reaching 100% ROI would be nearly impossible considering the expected rise in Litecoin difficulty.

ZeusHash was our second best choice in scrypt cloud mining based on Oct. 21st daily ROI results, but this has changed for sure.

We will update our scrypt cloud mining ranking based on Oct. 30th, 2014 results from each company by tomorrow.

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