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ZeusHash Payout November 18th 2014 : 0.17% Daily ROI - TOTAL ROI 17.66% After 41 Days of Scrypt Cloud Mining at ZeusHash!


ZeusHash Payout November 18th 2014

ZeusHash Payout on November 18th, 2014 was 0.00730387 LTC, after maintenance fees.

We purchased 1 MH/s from ZeusHash as a trial for 4.27540107 LTC, so November 18th payout yielded a daily ROI of 0.17%.   However, if you purchase a scrypt cloud mining contract from ZeusHash today, you can buy 1 MH/s for 4.15882065 LTC, so your daily ROI would be higher at 0.18%.

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ZeusHash Payout November 18th 2014

The amount of total Litecoins mined to date via ZeusHash is now at 0.75496725 LTC, which translates to a TOTAL ROI of 17.66% after 41 days of cloud mining.

This includes 21 days of cloud mining with the old maintenance fee charges, which were 1/94 the current fees.  Without the initial 21 days, our TOTAL ROI would have been much smaller.

If you are starting with ZeusHash now, you should keep in mind that your TOTAL ROI on day 41 would be the current daily ROI of 0.18% multiplied by 41 at best, or 7.38%.

Considering that we were at a TOTAL ROI of 39.55% by day 41 on Genesis Mining, the difference is significant even after taking into account the fact that our Genesis Mining contract began a few weeks earlier than our ZeusHash contract.

To hit 100% ROI (in LTC) with our current contract, we have 82.34% to go.  At the current pace of 0.17% daily ROI, this is going to take 484 days with difficulty remaining stable, which is not going to be the case.

Based on these numbers, our chance of hitting 100% ROI (in LTC) at ZeusHash is extremely low at this point.


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