Cloud Mining Earnings

ZeusHash Payout - Oct. 12th TOTAL ROI 2.56% After 4 Days of Cloud Mining!


ZeusHash Payout

ZeusHash pyaouts are up at 0.10943716 LTC on our 4th day of cloud mining with them.

This is a TOTAL return of 2.56% on our purchase cost of 4.27540107 LTC for 1MH/s of cloud mining power.

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One great feature we noticed about ZeusHash is an hourly update of mining results.

ZeusHash Payout

No other mining company that we use offers this feature, which makes ZeusHash stand out.

We see that the first generation of cloud mining companies (like PB Mining, Litecoin GEAR) offered only weekly or monthly earnings results, then Genesis Mining came in early this year in 2014 and started offering daily payouts, which was matched by GAW Miners' Hashlets.  Now we're seeing ZeusHash offering hourly mining results.

This is a typical example of service evolving as the market matures.  We're happy to see this and hope competition among cloud mining companies continues to nurture healthy competition in service and price levels.

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