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ZeusHash Pool Occupies 0.19% of Litecoin Hash Rate TOTAL!


ZeusHash Pool

Source: litecoinpool.org

After looking into GAW Miners' potential market share in the scrypt mining scene, we were wondering what the market share of other cloud mining companies were.

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Today, we found ZeusHash - ZeusHash's original mining pool - on litecoinpool.org's Hash rate Distribution chart for the last 21 hours.  Before, we didn't seem them in the distribution list so we assume hash rates are constantly fluctuating, and ZeusHash sometimes appears on and off the list.

This time, ZeusHash's hash rate was at 2GH/s (less than 2GH/s to be precise), and Litecoin Network's total hash rate was 1,061 GH/s.

ZeusHash has 0.19% share of the Litecoin Network.

With GAW Miners we found that

(1)  their top 20 holders of Hashlets alone have 129.76GH/s, which was 12.38% of the Litecoin Network at the time.  At 1,061 GH/s, that would be 12.23%.

(2) if the 80-20 rule applied and 129.76 GH/s owned by the top 20 holders represented the 80%, remaining 20% would be 32.44GH/s, bringing the TOTAL to 162.2 GH/s, which was 15.48% of the Litecoin Network.  Now, at 1,061 GH/s, it would be 15.29% of the Litecoin Network.

Of course, (2) is an educated guess, but (1) is accurate, provided that stats on GAW Miners' ZenCloud is accurate.

We were surprised to find out that ZeusHash's share of the Litecoin Network - 0.19% - was much smaller compared to GAW's 12.23% - 15.29%.  We had anticipated that ZeusHash's hash rate could rival GAW's, but that was not the case.

It illustrates that GAW's Hashlets were, indeed, a BIG commercial success, and that ZeusHash, despite it's high return on investment numbers compared to Genesis Mining or GAW, has a lot of catching up to do from a commercial standpoint.

If we see a sharp rise in the hash rate of ZeusHash mining pool in the future, we will know ZeusHash's catchup succeeded.


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