Cloud Mining Earnings

ZeusHash Result - TOTAL ROI 6.41% After 9 Days of 1MH/s Litecoin Cloud Node Contract!


ZeusHash Result

Our 1MH/s Litecoin Mining contract at ZeusHash yielded 0.274177236 LTC on Oct. 17th, 2014 (Total Mined LTC is at 0.27889447 LTC, but this includes Oct. 18th results which is still ongoing).

We spend 4.27540107 LTC to purchase 1MH/s (it's cheaper now, at 1MH/s of Lifetime mining contract for 4.04601168 LTC, or $15.99 for 1MH/s).

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Our TOTAL return so far is 6.41% after 9 days of cloud mining.

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