Cloud Mining Earnings

ZeusHash Results - Oct. 9th Daily ROI at 0.64% - TOTAL ROI at 1.22% After 2 Days of Cloud Mining!


ZeusHash Results

Our earnings with ZeusHash on Day 2 was 0.05201850 LTC.  This is a TOTAL return of 1.22% in 2 days of cloud mining.

We thought our earnings on day 1 of 0.00287262 LTC (daily ROI of 0.067%) was only partial and it turns out it probably was, since our mining results in the last 24 hours was 0.02730230 LTC, which translates to a daily return of 0.64%.

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ZeusHash currently offers bitcoin and litecoin mining with competitive rates, but we believe their service would look even more appealing if they opened doors to various altcoins, including those unavailable elsewhere, become mineable at ZeusHash.

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