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Zeushash Review - 1MH/s Purchased for 4.27540107 LTC at ZeusHash as Trial!


Zeushash Review

Zeush has released released their bitcoin and scrypt mining cloud service ZeusHash.  Their price is competitive at

●$0.889/GH/s for bitcoin cloud mining

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(Competition includes PB Mining at $0.671/GH/s (at 1BTC=$353), GAW Miners Hashlet Genesis at $0.895/GH/s, Genesis Mining at $0.979)

●$15.99/MH/s for scrypt cloud mining

(Competition includes Litecoin GEAR at $5.76/MH/s, Genesis Mining 100MH/s Plan at $14.99/MH/s, GAW Miners Multi Hashlet at $15.95/1MH/s,)

Since ROI is currently higher with scrypt mining products, we purchased 1 MH/s for 4.27540107 LTC as a trial.

Zeushash Review

As of this posting, it has yielded 0.00287262 LTC.  This is a daily ROI of 0.067%.

This number is too low, so we assume on the first day we only received a partial payout and full payouts are likely to begin from day 2.

One feature we have noticed that is attractive at ZeusHash is the low maintenance fees.  Both Genesis Mining and GAW Hashlets charge $0.08/MH/s per day, but ZeusHash is charging only $0.059.

Zeushash Review

In this manner, ZeusHash is in a good position to study and improve upon services offered by its rivals who have been in the market longer.

We are happy to see ZeusHash enter the cloud mining industry, and hope many companies will follow and stimulate each other toward greater transparency and greater offers to retail buyers.

We will continue to make updates on ZeusHash here.


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