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ZeusHash ROI - 3.88% After 6 Days of LTC Cloud Node Contract!


ZeusHash ROI

6 full days have past since we started using ZeusHash with 1MH/s mining contract.

Right now, our TOTAL MINED LTC is at 0.16585036 LTC, which is a return of 3.88% on our initial investment of 4.27540107 LTC.

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We like ZeusHash's site - it's easy to use, easy to understand.

We're also satisfied with the current returns.

After this trial run, we may decide to purchase additional hashing power with ZeusHash when and if they reduce their prices further (end of November, 2014?).

ZeusHash hasn't announced anything about reducing prices at this point.

But Zeus, the company operating ZeusHash, is a mining gear manufacturer, and they plan to introduce mining gear that can operate at $5/MH/s  by the end of Q4, 2014.

We are guessing that the current price of $15.99/MH/s would be reduced in Q4 (most likely November or December 2014).

When companies announce new pricing structures, it's generally a good time to buy as the value of hashing rate can only go down from there over time - it will be less valuable to buy tomorrow or the month later because difficulty would have gone up.


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