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ZeusHash Thanksgiving Promotion November 17th - 27th (UTC)! $10.99/MH/s (for Orders Over 1GH/s)!

ZeusHash Thanksgiving Promotion

ZeusHash Thanksgiving Promotion (Nov. 17th - 27th UTC)

ZeusHash is offering a Thanksgiving Promotion from November 17th - 27th (UTC), 2014!

Prices of MH/s are available in 5 tiers with the lowest being $10.99/MH/s (for orders over 1 GH/s).

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If You Buy 100 MH/s, Estimated Daily ROI is 0.21%

As of November 17th, 2014, our daily payout was 0.00730387 LTC (with a daily ROI of 0.17%) from ZeusHash for our 1 MH/s trial contract that we purchased for $15.99/MH/s.

As a hypothetical scenario, had we purchased 100 MH/s from ZeusHash with the Thanksgiving Promotion and received 18.76% OFF, our purchase price for 100 MH/s would have been 346.86248331 LTC and our payout would have been 0.730387 LTC for November 17th, 2014 (of course, technically, the Thanksgiving Promotion wasn't available then so this is a hypothetical scenario).

This would have led to an estimated daily ROI of 0.21%.

ZeusHash Thanksgiving Promotion


If You Buy 1,000 MH/s (or 1 GH/s), Estimated Daily ROI is 0.25%

If we had purchased more than 1,000 MH/s or 1 GH/s with the Thanksgiving Promotion and qualified for the price of $10.99/MH/s, which is one of the best in scrypt cloud mining right now, our purchase price would have been 2934.57943925 LTC and our payout for November 17th, 2014 would have been 7.30387 LTC.

This would have resulted in a daily ROI of 0.25%.

ZeusHash Thanksgiving Promotion


100% ROI Still Difficult with Promo Pricing

While the price of $10.99 is a great offer, high maintenance fees at ZeusHash are pushing down daily ROI.

A hypothetical daily ROI of 0.21% for 100 MH/s of hashing power after maintenance fees is not that attractive.  Even with 1,000 MH/s or 1 GH/s, the hypothetical daily ROI of 0.25% would still require 400 days to hit 100% ROI (with difficulty remaining steady) and it is not that competitive.


Lower Maintenance Fees Needed to Raise Daily ROI at ZeusHash

The only way to make cloud mining at ZeusHash more attractive other than reducing cost per MH/s further, in our view, is to lower maintenance fees at ZeusHash.

ZeusHash appears to be aware of this issue as they have just announced lowering their maintenance fees from $0.059/MH/s to $0.058/MH/s upon a new partnership between Gridseed and ZeusMiner, and plans to lower fees further in the future:

It’s not a significant drop yet from the previous rate of $0.059 but it's just the beginning. By combining our hashing power we will be able to cut more and more costs in future and those savings we will immediately forward to you. Expect lower prices in the future and a maximization of your profits!

If ZeusHash is successful in dropping maintenance fees further, combined with their competitive pricing (although $10.99/MH/s is only a temporary campaign price until November 27th), ZeusHash could become a truly successful cloud mining operation.

We know that ZeusHash's mining operations provides mining gear to many of the notable cloud mining companies, and as a mining gear manufacturer, we believe they are in a good position to make that happen.

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